Liberty's Heritage

Liberty's Heritage

John Khoury of Liberty FuneralsJohn Khoury, Liberty Funerals

Starting 1994, Liberty Funerals has been caring for the Sydney communities and arranging services as far as Wollongong and Newcastle from our Granville and Chatswood locations.

Liberty Funerals is the first funeral home in Australia to offer full traditional funeral services to families with Christian Middle Eastern backgrounds including Syrian Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic and Lebanese, as well as Anglo, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Indian and Chinese. Today, Liberty Funerals is managed by John Khoury.

Through our strong relationship and experience with these communities we have gained a deep knowledge of each faith and recognise the importance of providing a service that meets each family’s particular needs.

Whether you seek a traditional burial, mausoleum entombment or cremation service, Liberty’s funeral directors are here to help you create a ceremony that is meaningful and affordable for you and your family.

We are committed to providing guidance and support every step of the way – through pre-planning, burial or cremation and grief support.

We know the people in our community and they know us – we have been part of their lives for many years. This is why families return to us generation after generation because they know that we can give them the care and attention to detail that they deserve.