Planning ahead


Planning a funeral when a loved one dies is a challenging task for many people, but did you know that a funeral can be planned ahead of time with Liberty Funerals?

In this section, you can read all about the benefits of planning ahead and decide if it is right for you and your family.

Read more about the benefits of preplanning a funeral here, or call one of our trained consultants on (02) 9637 0322.

With Liberty Funerals, you can preplan and prepay for a funeral years in advance – giving your family piece of mind as well as potentially saving them money.

  • Pay today's price - beat inflation with the fixed price of a prepaid funeral.
  • Pay in instalments or upfront - you don't need to have the full amount available today, we offer payment plans up to 3 years.
  • No ongoing payments - once paid in full there are no other costs unless you or your family wish to add more items later, unlike funeral insurance premiums which are ongoing and may rise over time.
  • No worry over the funeral arrangement and financial details for family and friends - when the time comes they know it's all planned and paid for.
  • Your service, your way - tailor everything to your needs and budget.
  • Simple and quick application process - our prepaid funeral consultants will walk you through the easy process.


More on the benefits of prepaying

A prepaid funeral is a sensible alternative to funeral bonds and funeral insurance.

By prepaying the funeral you plan the details of the funeral service ahead of time and pay it off over a number of months or even years.

With a prepaid funeral from Liberty Funerals you can relax, knowing your money is held safely in a trust while you go back to enjoying life.

Read more about the benefits of prepaying.

A prepaid funeral vs funeral insurance

Three reasons a prepaid funeral could save you money:

  1. Lock in costs at today's prices - it's a fixed price funeral and you avoid rising costs from premiums or inflation going up over the years.
  2. No ongoing payments - once paid in full there are no other costs. Funeral insurance requires ongoing payment of premiums or your cover ceases.
  3. No waiting period on benefits with a prepaid funeral - funeral insurance providers do not offer this.