After the service


Once the funeral service is over, it is time to consider the type of memorial and the place you would like for your loved one to be memorialised.

You may also be coping with grief, or know someone who is grieving. We share online grief resources that may be useful.


A memorial in a memorial park or garden offers a physical place to visit and remember a loved one. A place where memories can last. Memorials can be purchased ahead of time so that you have a specific place ready when the time comes. This is an especially good idea if you want to make sure the memorial is next to other members of the family.

Planning ahead and preparing a place where you and your family can always be together can provide a sense of comfort and permanency. 

Memorials can provide comfort on significant dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and public holidays. They also provide a historical and genealogical record for your ancestry that helps future generations understand their heritage.

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A family gathering or ‘wake’ held after the funeral service can be an important time for friends and relatives to come together. These gatherings are an opportunity to share memories, support each other through the loss and show thanks to everyone that travelled a great distance to be there. These events may be held at a reflection lounges in our funeral homes, a hotel or club, or even your home.

Every funeral service should be as unique as the person being remembered. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to funeral planning. Our expert funeral directors are here to guide you.

At Liberty Funerals, we’ll make sure your loved one is remembered for what made them memorable. Whether you choose to celebrate their life with their favourite music, a special venue, or something totally unique to them, we can help you plan a service that’s just the way they would have wanted.

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Scattering ashes

Cremations have become increasingly popular in Australia, with more and more families choosing to scatter the ashes of their loved ones. 

However, choosing the right location is important as a lasting memory in the future.

You should consider if the place you scatter the ashes in will always be there in it's current form, and whether you will need a permit to scatter the ashes depending on which place you have in mind.

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Liberty Funeral Scattering Ashes

Coping with grief

The grieving process takes time and healing usually happens gradually. Feelings of loss and sadness may never go away, but with time the grief will lighten.

It's normal for a person to experience a wide range of physical and emotional responses. It's important to remember that everyone deals with death and loss very differently.

We recommend the grief resources can found at MyGriefAssist.

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