In the community


Each year Liberty Funerals gets involved with the communities we serve. We are committed partners of the many Middle Eastern Christian parishes we are affiliated with including Sydney's Syrian Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic and Lebanese churches.

Liberty Funerals also supports individuals and families from Anglo-Saxon, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Indian and Chinese backgrounds.

We provide practical assistance to community groups and we can lend our expertise to education forums on a wide range of funeral and funeral related topics, including Coping with Grief information sessions, and Estate planning workshops. 

Liberty and The Lions Club

The Lions are one of the world's best known community organisations and the Recycle for Sight programme is one of their most important initiatives.

Eye glasses are collected, repaired and cleaned, and then sent to communities in the developing world where they are distributed to people who otherwise would have no access to them. A simple pair of eye glasses can literally have a life changing effect for the recipient. 

Liberty Funerals assists this programme through the placement and promotion of eye glasses collection boxes in our funeral homes and around our communities. 

Together with the help of the community, Liberty Funerals has sent thousands of eye glasses to the Lions for distribution to communities currently without access to the medical services or the funds required to address vision impairment. 

More information on the Lions programmes is available on their official website.